Yoga Vis a Vis Universe and God

It is necessary to know how god acts in relation to this world which passes through five different phases, namely, golden age, silver age, copper age, iron age and confluence age as indicated by the swastika in the picture of the time wheel, world during golden age, has complete purity, peace and prosperity and in the silver age, it enjoys all these three though to the extent of two degrees less, in the copper age, anger, greed, and attachment appear into this world, Abraham, buddha, and Christ established their respective religions one after other, despite all this unrighteousness, peacelessness go on increasing gradually in this world, in the iron age there is rapid degeneration in moral and spiritual values so that, at the end of iron age, the climax is reached at this time, gode descends into the body of an aged man whom he names brahma or adam, creator of brahma, vishnu and shankara gets his three acts done.

Brahma Rajyoga

Through Brahma imparts godly knowledge teaches easy rajyoga and inculcates divine qualities to transform human beings and elevates them spiritual, brings about the news golden age world again, those who do not divinize themselves suffer destruction and also punishment for their evil acts, act of destruction of the iron aged vicious world is carried out through the subtle deity shankara, gallonage and silver age righteous world is sustained through vishnus corporeal representatives, shri narayana and shri lakshmi and shri sita and shri rama and their dynasty respectively. thus wheel of time goes nonstop, four yoga or epochs, including the confluence age are of 5000 years duration, each of the first four yoga, being equal to 1250 years, cycle has been going on since eternity.

We should know that the world is heading towards catastrophe, because of over population acute shortage of food, pollution of environment, depletion of the source of energy increasing mental tension and above all erosion of moral values and extinction of feeling of brotherhood, will not be total destruction or dissolution of the world but it will be an indescribably major destruction through nuclear war, natural calamities, civil wars starvation, in the last chance for man to give up explore and greed anger and variety habits, pride and sloth and while discharging his social and family obligations be true yogi for his own sake.

Knowledge Visions

In this work a day world, mans consciousness is always engrossed with things that are earthly, persons who are worldly situations which are mundane feelings which are temper thoughts which pertain to this cosmos and visions of things that are terrestrial never does he, in his life time transcend these fo he does not have knowledge of that which is super mundane, spiritual or deep sleep at rest to an extent, depth of feeling of this rest or relaxation depends on how much his consciousness was withdrawn from the world, how much he was lost in sleep, even if his doors of knowledge organs of perception be shut out to the outside world, he will not enjoy his sleep if he has dreams of persons and things that are worldly, he will say that he had a disturbed sleep keeping this principle in mind, yogi withdrawns his mind from his body and world and yet he is not asleep, to understand this we have to understand the following.

When a person in the state of wakefulness has reminiscences that are pleasant thoughts that are holy and memories of persons with whom he has cordial relations and of situations that are beneficial to him, then he fees happy, depth of his happiness depends on how beneficial the situations are how intimate these relationships, more intense his happiness at that moment more detached he feels from all the rest or he feels lost in that experience. yoga is based on the above two principles conscious is detached from this world and is focus on or absorbed in the thoughts or memories, illustrate let us suppose a person utters the world, you yourself think of the sun, what happens at that moment is that you mind, awareness goes towards straight on to an orb like shining object that radiates light and heat and is called the sun, similarly what a yogi does is that takes his mind to the soul world he sees there, eye of mind, conscient shining star the god meditates his attributes, of this absorption leads him to restfulness to the highest pitch of bliss.

Brahmloka Yoga

When you think of the sun the eye of your mind sees the shining sun in the sky and thoughts come to your mind that the sun gives heat light, similarly think of god, brilliant point of light in the soul world, let thoughts come to your mind the he is peaceful, blissful, this is the way of meditation at first, your mind would perhaps not have perfect stabilization, but keep on contemplating with deep love, and your meditation will take the form of concentration and then you will have realization of the self, god and peace, god is our transcendental father in Brahmloka, parloka, param dhama or what is called the highest heaven, if he were immanent in this world like fire is in an iron ball then his attributes purity and peace would be omni present too and there would be no need to seek a vision of him his protection, such is not the case, god has form though he is without a body it should be matter of shame for man to belive that eve teasers.

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