Top 5 Funniest Cricket Moments of All Time

Top 5 Funniest Cricket Moments of All Time
Top 5 Funniest Cricket Moments of All Time

Top 5 Funniest Cricket Moments of All Time

Cricket would possibly be a “Gentleman’s game” and gamers are constantly serious when taking part in it however as in any other sports, sure matters occur which tickle the humorous bones of the viewers and the gamers alive. Here we countdown such moments in the Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments.

Mark Richardson
At number 1 in Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments is Mark Richardson. This is hands-down the funniest second to have befell on the cricket subject and it was so humorous that no longer only the entire crowd started out laughing but additionally the gamers on the field, dressing room and the umpires as well.

During an India versus New Zealand match, Mark suddenly had muscle cramps after hitting a shot and the way he fell down and began gyrating alongside with the sounds that he made, added the whole stadium laughing.

Lou Vincent
At variety two in Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments is Lou Vincent. In cricket, we frequently see the valiant efforts that the players on the boundary line exhibit in order to retailer the boundaries, be it breathtaking catches or outstanding drives and in the course of such a suitable attempt some thing humorous happened.

When kiwi fielder Lou Vincent was once trying to save a boundary, accidentally his pants got here down in the course of the fielding strive to everyone’s surprise.

Inzamam ul Haq
At variety 3 in Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments is Inzamam ul Haq. This Pakistani batsman still holds his location as one of the best batsmen to have come out of Pakistan. Besides, he also made his identify as one of the best cricketers.

But whilst his stroke play and hitting have been good, running between the wickets was no longer his forte. His large stature made him gradual and he was once run out a lot of instances and most of them have been in a humorous fashion.

Ajit Agarkar
At range 4 in Top 10 Funniest Cricket Moments is Ajit Agarkar. One of the major spearheads of the Indian bowling again in the early 2000s, Agarkar also proved his skillability with the bat. But at some stage in a tour in opposition to the Australians, Agarkar had seven consecutive geese in seven consecutive matches.

So, when he finally opened his account towards the Australians and scored a run, he raised his bat and waved it for the crowd as if he had scored a century.

Tillakaratne Dilshan
At range 5 is Tillakaratne Dilshan. During a fit of Sri Lanka in opposition to Bangladesh, Dilshan bought a lesson of gravity that he may have forgotten in the course of the years of playing.

After a dismissal, he celebrated as in the trend of wicket-keepers by using raising the ball excessive in the air but what goes up ought to come down and when it did it came down proper lower back on Dilshan’s head tons to the leisure of everyone.