The Stages of Yoga and Meditation

When a person first begins to practice yoga, he is able to stabilize his mind on god form seconds only while during other moments his thoughts are scattered in all directions and towards many objects, there are some participants who are able to control and calm down their mind in a trice and they bring it to focus on god without much efforts whereas others take time to do it but, in either case efforts are quite rewarding when the mind is stabilized on god even for a split second, it brings so much inner peace and such as ecstatic taste to the mind that is drawn again and again towards the moments of concentration be few and short, this practice is atleast an attempt to control the mind and to subdue it and bring it to a point, which in itself is a great thing and of great use even in the worldly life, so one should not get frustrated or become ill at ease with oneself if during initial attempts one notices in ones self the inability to control the mind for a couple of minutes at a stretch, even the idea of taking the mind to god is golden and rewarding in itself millions of people are poorer in their minds because of the lack of idea in them.

Love Peace

In the second stage one is easily able to switch on one mind to god, one would switch on the electric light, one only thinks of god with the deep emotion that he is most beloved guide and friend and mother father and ones mind goes in that direction and only a very small fraction on ones thoughts fritters away, one begins to fee ecstatic and becomes full blaze of yoga has yet it be lit, that would be the third state called concentration, in this stage mind finds light peace bliss and might descending on him and spreading through him into the world, such a wonderful experience that one feels that all the treasures of the world fade into insignificance in the face of this attainment, at this stage love peace and bliss do not remain merely stale and feeling less dictionary words, penetrate through ones very being so deeply that their effect lasts over long periods after this period of intense meditation is over.

There are different forms or levels of consciousness, most people identify the self or god with a body gross is engaged with the thoughts of material things, however abstract, but a yogi meditates on the transcendental self and on incorporeal god, love is something divine and most essential for mans happiness if mans relations become estranged there is tension, but we find that in many causes this love is misdirected, let us suppose that there is married couple, it is expected that they are only cordial relations and are faithful in their matrimonial relations, an element of infidelity is observed in these relations also these days, is not unusual but has become more and more common with the passage of time, young ones are left uncared for the home no longer remains a home ans this in turn has numerous other serious consequences.

Parents Love

There is bad effect on the children due to the absence of parental love something is left wanting within the mind of the child and he seeks other means of getting love or manifesting it, many children take to lascivious behavior in their adolescence, so the number of unwanted children is increasing daily, together with the cases of abortions and illicit is increasing daily, together wit the birth of hippie cult and others, may also be traced to lack of parental love to home, solution to all these problems is to forge a metals link or love bond with god whose love words human beings is spontaneous, absolutely unblemished, unselfish and the love of mother, father, friend and guide, all in one it is the only kind of love which elevates the person who receive it, unlucky is the person who misses this kind of love in his life, which arouse love towards him, these eight qualities are loveliness, feeling of belongingness, virtues, energetic, thrilling nature, harmony, eternal love and easy going nature.

If all these factors are not present at least some of these are notices consciously before one comes to love a particular person, we do not mean that one makes a special effort to discover these qualities and then love is born out of some conditions but it cannot be denied that one does take notice of some of these qualities, either all at once over a period and then love comes into play, deep thinking reveals that all these qualities are in fact found in god at their climax, one gets them in full measure from god if one fosters love bond with him, but that object can be achieved only if one truly understands for relationship with god is as between a should and the supreme soul

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