Social Bookmark: A Valuable Task to Get SEO Ranking

Social Bookmark: A Valuable Task to Get SEO Ranking
Social Bookmark: A Valuable Task to Get SEO Ranking

Bookmark a word that allows you to save your liked information into your area and Use it when you want. Same way if we talk about web browser, if we like some useful website then we bookmark it in our browser for future usage. Social bookmark as name use it in way like submit your website url in social bookmarking websites with title, description, keywords or tags. You have ability store many links in single platform. You can also get good traffic if you saved your bookmark into best social bookmarking websites. It is one the best link building task to get SEO rank.

How to use social bookmarking website for link building purpose:

  1. Create social bookmarking website list for submit your website.
  2. While creating social bookmarking list please check url because do not submit your website into business related domains because that domain after 2-3 months remove their database and put their business content so please take care of it.
  3. After creating social bookmarking list decide what type of strong password will use in all website because use single password will help you to not remember more password while submitting website.
  4. Same way use single user name for submission also suggest you to use business name because it will help in creating back link as per business name.
  5. Use domain based email address instead of free email, if free email service provider will remove email that it will affect your work also.
  6. Start to register on social bookmarking website, Always verify email activation because help you to long run about to submit your information.
  7. After successful creation of login please login and before staring submission create profile like name (Use original name), business location, contact email, contact number, because if any user want to directly contact then it will help to get success.
  8. Now time to submit link please add link then you will get form to enter title, description, keywords or tags. Kindly use meaning full SEO optimized title and description of 200 characters. Use main 2-3 targeted keywords. After entering the details you will get listed of website in social bookmarking websites.
  9. Do not worry of your website not listed in published section, some website takes time to approve and some will immediate approve.
  10. You can check your submitted links and published links in profile section so there is idea about which is done and which are remaining. Through listed links chance to get google cache and quality based submission will help you to get ranking in search engines.
  11. You can also share profile link on social media so other use can reach all pages with single link.
  12. Keep your social bookmarking submitted data in organized way so better to use in future.
  13. Like other submitted links or comments on it so chance to get response of users into your links.

If you submit quality and attractive content on social bookmarking website will divert that traffic into your website. Social bookmaking task will be done on regular basis will help to get ranking in search engines.