Scientific theories that explain why we see ghost

Scientific theories that explain why we see ghost

We’ve all listened to at least one ghost story in our lives. It seems everyone and everywhere has been exposed to the occult. According to statistics, about 45% of Americans believe in ghosts, and 18% of the US population say they have been in contact with a spirit. What might be considered outright fraud by some is a very significant number.

Several theories have been put onwards about what ghosts are. Could there be a scientific explanation for that shadow chasing you in an empty house? What about that tingling sensation on the back of your neck in a dark room? Finally, what about the demons? Do they invade our world leaving claw marks on our backs while we sleep?

Sleep Paralysis

Perhaps the most common reason we see ghosts is sleep paralysis. Dr. Baland Jalal says “sleep paralysis” is like dreaming with open eyes. As a neuroscientist, Dr. Jalal analyses sleep paralysis at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He explains that we often have vivid dreams during REM – rapid eye movement – sleep. During REM sleep, our eyes can move very quickly under closed eyelids. However, the rest of our bodies cannot move or shift. People may undergo this and think they are paralyzed. However, the inability to move has the potential to “prevent people from pursuing their dreams.”

Many of the most common examples of supernatural behavior can be explained by this neurological phenomenon: hallucinations, the physical presence or body of someone sitting or lying down, and even being scratched by demons. Yes, you may realize that something happened, but you are in a dreaded waking dream state.

Power of Proposal

The use of recommendation is a powerful tool, and there is well-known research, but only recently have we examined the power of suggestion in paranormal phenomena. Some might say that the entire Spiritualist movement is based on this fraudulent principle.

In 2003, Richard Wiseman performed two experiments for the British Journal of Psychology. The aim was to test the strength of cue in the session context, asking whether belief in the paranormal made participants more susceptible to suggestion. The first test involved a simulated vehicle holding a session. By evening, the psychic guessed that the table was shaken. About a third of the participants later reported that the table was shaking – even though the table remained stationary throughout the test. He misreported the movement. People who acknowledge the paranormal are likelier to falsely report such activity than nonbelievers.

Extraordinary believers are more willing to believe hints or conjectures made by the media than disbelievers after a series of follow-up simulation sessions with a warning. He just said that something happened when the suggestion matched his personal belief in the occult. For example, if spoofing suggests that an object is not moving in reality, through trickery, believers are no more likely to accept the suggestion than nonbelievers. About one-fifth of the participants believed they had witnessed natural paranormal phenomena.

It is unknown whether verbal cues directly affected participants’ perception of the event, their memory, or both. Existing belief in the occult reveals the group’s ability to report a paranormal event when they are not reporting a magical event, whether through actual opinion, suggestion, or a search for traits — about basic, subtle signs revealed to participants. What testers expect to find or how participants are expected to act. However, the results remained the same: a small number of participants reported that some objects had shaken and that they had indeed witnessed paranormal phenomena.

Mysterious Planets

This may be deceptive, but sometimes supernatural events can be explained by the strange, but not supernatural, things that Earth does every day.

Consider Delphi’s Oracle. Some consider Pythia’s tomb to be supernatural and mystical. She can talk to spirits, gods, and other mythical, mysterious creatures to talk about the future. People come to Delphi from hundreds of miles away to hear his visions and witness the ancient vehicle’s communication with otherworldly unseen beings. Is it all cheating? Maybe not. Scientists agree that hydrocarbon gas from the bituminous limestone below the Earth where Delphi sits may have been brought to Pythia’s tomb.

A team of geologists from Wesleyan University found ethane, methane, and ethylene in spring water near Oracle. All the magic smoke inside the Prophet’s cave? Possibly some highly toxic gases. Maybe not all of us got gas poisoning looking back at our long-lost grandmothers, but some of the oldest tales of the supernatural come from the era of controlled furnaces. Poorly, eating and drinking were liquefied with mercury, and candle flames were notorious for casting shadows. In the end, those stories were passed down, modified, and modernized to create some terrifying ghosts.

Low-Frequency Tones

If you are a regular watcher of ghost hunting shows on television, you probably know about EMF readers. A ghost is said to embody using the electromagnetic field in the room. If that frequency is high enough, then, theoretically, ghosts could appear and move objects independently. The problem with EMF readers is that they are highly unreliable. Things like cell phone batteries and cameras can splash out of the meter. However, it turns out that there is some science behind EMF and spooky behavior.

The explanation is something called the “fear frequency.” The human ear (especially in adults) has difficulty hearing frequencies below ~20 Hz (or infrasound). However, the body can yet sense them, often causing a feeling of restlessness, chills, or a “sense of disgust and fear.”

This theory helped solve the story of a local ghost. On the campus of Coventry University, there is a 14th-century crypt that is said to be the home of a spirit. That is until instructor Vic Tandy examines the room and finds infrasound levels that explain paranormal experiences. So is this ghost giving you creeps? Maybe not. It’s just that your body undergoes a very normal response to its surroundings.

Mold and Fungus

Let’s face it, if you walk into an old hospital or haunted house, you’ll learn about ghostly apparitions. You’re probably in an area that doesn’t have any wiring issues, so we don’t have to worry about EMF. No soul lives for miles, so human intervention is out there, too. What about black mold? Asbestos? Forgot Rye? Chances are that all abandoned buildings have some harmful molds hanging around in addition to damp basements, degraded ceilings, and escaping into the air into enclosed rooms.

Maybe all the spooky scenes result from poor air quality in “haunted” places. Shane Rogers, the associate lecturer of civil and environmental engineering, said, “The relationship between indoor exposure to toxic molds and psychological effects in humans has not been established; however, in particular, many people who are associated with haunted structures have been exposed to mold or other types of mold. “There are vital environments that cause indoor air quality problems.”

Mold theory is also an example of paranormal investigators call “monstrous activity.” On television, you might see someone immediately feel nauseous, claustrophobic, or have a headache or dizziness upon contact with a dead spirit. However, they felt instantly more comfortable leaving the space for fresh air. Assuming it’s an actor doing his best, these symptoms are also a physical manifestation of exposure to toxic molds and fungi. Sorry to explode your bubble, but it might not be a demon. Your body is informing you to reach out and get some fresh air.

Disconnecting Mind/Body

Feeling like a ghost or some other supernatural presence? This could be due to a glitch in our brains’ perception of ourselves and our sense of place in space. The brain is a complex organ and can produce supernatural manifestations, even if your body is not fully aware that this is happening. When our mind misrepresents our body in space, it can create another representation of the body, which is no longer perceived as “I” but as a different person, “Presence.”

To prove this, a team of Swiss neuroscientists figured out how to combine those souls in a laboratory. The team studied the brains of dozens of patients, all of whom had neurological disorders and claimed to have had experiences with ghosts. MRI results showed that they all had abnormal activity in 3 brain regions related to self-perception, movement, and precise positioning in space.

Next, the researchers looked at dozens of healthy volunteers. He ignored his subjects and asked them to extend their hands in a predetermined manner. Participants were attached to a robot in front (main robot) while a second robot was behind them (second robot). The participants were unaware of the other robot, which was programmed to mimic the movement of the arm against the participant’s back. For example, if a participant draws a triangle with their arm a circle, another robot will lightly “strip” the process and triangle onto the subject’s back.

When the other robot completed the movement at the same time that the participants left, they did not report feeling anything unusual. The researchers then asked the other robot to perform a series of movements, followed by a delay of several seconds, that changed the participants’ perception of time and space. After a few minutes, the researchers asked how the participants were feeling. Unaware of the study’s objective, many participants stated that they felt a presence around them, while others reported that there were ghosts in the room. Some did not complete the test, asking to leave the room before the trial ended.


Again, the presence of a ghost might mess with your mind’s self-perception. This time, it was a completely normal and natural phenomenon called pareidolia. Pareidolia is the same brain function that makes us see images in the clouds or facial features on intimate objects.

Pareidolia is an archaic ability that may have helped our early ancestors survive by allowing us to identify potential dangers in our environment — is there something in the grass? In his 1995 textbook The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, Carl Sagan helped spread the claim that pareidolia is why we see some haunting phenomena.

It’s a phenomenon that describes how our brains interpret light and darkness or shapes at a distance on a terrifying foggy battlefield. It is not anything to see. It’s just your mind filling in the missing pieces to create an image that isn’t there.

Energy Displacement

Stay with me on this. This is Einstein’s theory to prove the existence of ghosts. Let’s assume that spirits are accurate and that this is not a function of the supernatural but a valid scientific theory as to why they appear among us.

Paranormal researcher John Kachuba says in his book Ghosthunters, “Einstein proved that all energy in the universe is static and can neither be created nor destroyed… What happens to energy… If it cannot be eliminated, it must be transformed into another form of energy. What is that new energy?… Can we call that new creation a phantom?” Conclusion 4) The theory is that all the electricity that keeps our bodies moving is what manifests the spirits, so ghost hunters mostly rely on tools to measure that energy.

Einstein’s theory is still valid, and we have the science to explain what happens to all that energy when we die. However, the answer is no “turn us into ghosts.” After a person dies, the power in the body goes into the environment – this is where the energy of all sentient beings is after death. When we die, our energy is released as heat. This energy is transferred to these animals, insects, or plants if we are consumed by animals or insects or absorbed by the body, breaking down through nutrients released by the plants into the soil. When cremated, our body’s energy is left in the form of heat and light.

Consider plants and animals for a moment. Have you ever seen a ghost cow? Does Venus fly trap? Maybe not. When we eat ruined plants and animals, we consume their energy and convert it for our use. Our bodies metabolize food for energy, completing the cycle. The belief that one’s energy will last long after the body has disappeared is highly doubtful. Our power does not live as a soul consisting of electromagnetic energy but in the form of heat and chemical energy. 

Injuries have not been treated.

I’m not a doctor, but a prevalent explanation for why the living sees the dead relates trauma to their brains’ processes (or not the processes). 

Based on a study of 88 people seeking psychiatric care between 1974 and 1984, Dr. Lenore Terr suggested that many reports of ghosts resulted from hallucinations and delusions caused by rewarding experiences. Fearful and often life-threatening. People with PTSD report seeing, hearing, smelling, or “feeling” ghosts or other creatures. Some children whose animals have been attacked have been said to be “haunted” by animal spirits. Recent studies have shown that some mood and anxiety disorders can also affect sufferers, some of whom have admitted to hallucinations, delusions, or strange beliefs.

After trauma, some people believe they have psychic abilities. Severe trauma can lead to hallucinations, where what the brain is trying to process from the inside manifests as external sounds or images. Trauma can result from a short-term event such as a car accident or a long-term event such as domestic violence or child abuse. An inability or fear in the face of trauma can lead victims to see or believe they see ghosts and other paranormal activities. These experiences may be the unconscious mind forcing the victim to eventually come to terms with their trauma, leading to a “haunted” ending. 

Positive and Negative ion

I know it’s like Ghostbusters for carrying ions and proton packs, but it’s based on some natural science for extraterrestrial exploration. A negative ion stands for an atom with an additional electron in its shell and vice versa for a positive ion.

Some paranormal researchers suggest that spirits can disrupt the average ionic balance in the atmosphere. In contrast, others say that ghosts use the energy of ions to manifest or interact with the physical world. I wouldn’t trust a ghost hunter with an ion meter. It’s all pretty cool technology to base results on. You see, ions are produced by natural phenomena like weather, solar radiation, and radon gas. It all hinges on how one interprets the evidence.

However, positive and negative ions can affect the mood of life. Negative ions can calm and relax, while positive ions can give us headaches and nausea. This may explain why people living in “haunted” houses describe fatigue, headaches, and illness. When they feel an ionic imbalance, they may think it’s abnormal, not normal.

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