Real Gadgets James Bond Wishes He Had

Are you a gadget lover like James Bond? If so, you'll love these real gadgets that are just like the ones from the movies!


The James Bond movie franchise has brought us some great gadgets — some we’d love to have and others that aren’t so practical but still awesome. But real life has also given us some neat conveniences! We might not have access to dagger boots or mini rocket cigarettes.

However, technological innovations and practical applications of survival techniques have shown us that Hollywood can take some cues from what is already in real life. Here are ten gadgets James Bond wants in real life (in no particular order).

Makar Shakri

The quintessential “vibrating, not stirring” Bond line inspired our first pick. The Makar Shake is a robotic arm dispenser that eliminates the need for a human bartender. Or, to be less salty, all you have to do is sit back and let the robot do its job.

It may not be detective gear, but it plays an essential role in Bond’s personal life and vices. Still, the robotic arm bartender’s odd look on the assembly line looks like it would be a better fit for Archer, the perfect parody of Roger Moore’s light Playboy vibes and satire and the wit of Pierce Brosnan.


Daniel Craig is, in my opinion, the darkest version of Bond. He’s the quiet type who has no problem reminding us that he’s a secret agent first and has no problem killing whoever he is. He is also very handsome. That’s why Bailey is on this list.

A belt is a kind of self-adjusting belt. It’s stylish adequately to pass as a regular belt, but why limit the technology behind it to crinkled belts and tight pants? Listen to me. What if Bond could modify the Belty to fit a person’s neck? For me, it’s the perfect 2-in-1 tool like the Exploding Pen. Forget piano strings – it’s a mafia trick anyway. Bond uses a belt to suppress his targets.

Water Filter

If you go camping, you know how vital it is not to drink lake, pond, or stream water without boiling it first. Drinking straight water can lead to some very nasty medical complications and a ruined camping trip. Luckily, many solutions don’t require you to boil water, one of which is LifeStraw.

LifeStraw is a movable straw that filters water from viruses and bacteria. The company behind this, Westergaard, also has some outstanding sustainability and water equality initiatives that they are very good at.

For example, Bond visits some far-flung places in his work, as seen in No Time to Die. So Lifestraw seems like a sensible addition to his existential tools if he’s traveling through extreme and restrictive circumstances. Keep drinking, my friend.

The Story of Ray-Ban

Of all the Bonds, Roger Moore has perhaps the most excellent utility. He will be the one we will see when we buy the next Swiss army knife with the ridiculous all-in-one features. However, with his mindset, getting the real-life device he wanted wasn’t easy. We could give him a smartwatch, despite nothing compared to the Rolex Submariner. We were able to get him a self-driving car, but he had a Lotus Esprit coupe. It was a car and a submarine with a torpedo launcher. So we decided to look for something simple that still captures Moore’s crazy utility side. We came up with Ray-Ban Stories.

These sunglasses, made by Ray-Bans, will compete fiercely with Bose Bluetooth sunglasses — and win. The smart glasses are powered by META technology and come with many features. You can shoot videos and photos hands-free (two small cameras are built into the frame). The One Touch Feedback option allows you to do just that. You can even play and pause music with verbal or touch commands. The glasses have a charging case, outdoor speakers, Facebook Assistant, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, iPhone and Android compatibility, and three stylish frame designs with prescription lens options.


Tile is a mobile tracking device that aims to track your assets. The company behind it sells a credit card-sized version of the device, a circular, waterproof sticker tracker, or a small piece of brick. Place the Tile with your accessories and sync it with the iPhone or Android app. It could also be left in a wallet or car to track someone’s whereabouts (but the company would never promote that).

It may not be the most sophisticated tracking device ever.


Nuraphone is a Bluetooth headset that sends different frequencies and measures your ear’s response. It then forms a corrective profile for you based on these responses. The result is the perfect equalizer setting just for your ears. Plus, you can take calls, adjust the headset’s “transparency” if you still need to hear your surroundings, or plug in a cord if you don’t want a wireless connection.

Bond may never use these at work, but we think they’re impressive enough that he wouldn’t mind listening to custom EQ music on his vacation.

Maximum Privacy Screen Saver

screen protector? Boring – but reasonable. I’m not a spy either, and I don’t want people to see what I’m seeing — and it doesn’t matter what I see. Imagine what James Bond sees on his phone… *joking*.

The maximum privacy screensaver for iPhone is very private, and unless you look directly at your phone, the screen will appear black. It’s also glass, so its protection goes far beyond privacy.

Wasp Gas Knife

Guys, I love it. This is a knife. But wait a minute! This knife emits so much carbon dioxide that a small explosion can happen when you hit something. So yes, you can stab something and then press a button on the knife bolt to make the wound worse. Best of all, the carbon dioxide gas that caused the explosion was freezing, so it froze the organs and tissues around it

The knife was initially intended for divers facing predators such as sharks. If you are underwater and can reach it, the shark will come to the surface before bleeding. The blood will then attract other sharks to the surface so you can dive in. It makes sense to me!

But you don’t have to be underwater to use it. This is an elegant tool for close combat, on land or at sea, and I’m sure Bond would love to keep it.

Wazoo Fire Craft Necklace

You don’t have to dress yourself up with jewels when you’re in the woods. It is not realistic. But this chain is prepared to be functional (and hipster). Wazoo puts flint and steel on a pendant, and this surprisingly simple solution to a fire is a huge success. Sparks will fly! We’re sure Bond has plenty of survival skills, no flint and steel needed to catch fire, but he’s always ready for a challenging situation. We thought he would take it with him to make his life easier. Who wants to spend time looking for flint and steel in between?

Drinking Detective

Remember when Daniel Craig was poisoned in the casino at Casino Royale? “Not to pat salt in the injury, but you’re 007. “Not to pat salt in the injury, but you’re 007. Don’t simply say, ‘Hey, thanks for my drink. I’ll drink it in my enemy’s room without testing it! “So as a penalty, we’re presenting a cultivated spiked beverage detector here!

To use Drink Detective:

  • Remove the test strip and test card from the package.
  • Submerge a cotton swab in the drink and apply it to the test square on the card.
  • If the courts have changed color, wait a few seconds, and your drink is gone.

If you want to know what someone put in it, different colors correspond to other drugs.

Beverage detectives can detect various drugs in your drink, including heroin, cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, morphine, etc. If it’s an amine, the Drinking Detective will find it. Now, there won’t be any benefit to the digital poison in Bond’s drink, but hey, you know, not everyone has access to digitalis — the familiar bad guys might choose to hide him.