Pillars of Rajayoga

Brahma Yoga

Yoga enjoins upon its practicing, divine discipline because the aim of yoga is to purify the mind to bring about a transformation outlook and attitudes and to give to man a holy and happy frame of mind, other words high stage of yoga stands on some strong and firm pillars, chastity continuance is one, yogi is not attracted towards the physical charms, because his outlook has changed, he looks the beauty of should mind is stablized in Brahm as the world Brahmacharya connotes and therefore, now takes pleasure in spiritual love towards all brother now takes moral force and spiritual strength, it enhances his will power and gives him clarity of judgement efficiency and equipoise.

Another important pillar is the satvic diet, food has great effect of ones mind, yogi does not take meat, eggs, drinks, he does not kill for his food nor does he earn his bread by unrighteous means, makes offer of the meals to god and then takes it as prasadam, god is blessed consecrated food that becalms and purifies the mind, satsanga is another important pillar, one who wants to be a good yogi, ha sto refrain from bad company, bad brooks and bad thoughts and should attend spiritual congregations, helps in acquiring humility, contentment, cheerfulness, introvertness, sobriety, geniality and other divine qualities, yogi does not stay, ponder over deeply we will come to the conclusion that man loses his mental calmness and equipoise either because he takes an intoxicant, because of loss of stamina or because of lack of any divine quality such as toleration, geniality, humility, it is necessary that in order to be rajyogi, one takes only satvic food observes and cultivates divine qualities in the self, one should attend spiritual congregations in other words, one should edifice of yoga of these four pillars.

Devotion to God

Man has in him many shortcomings and flaws, but perhaps greatest of all vices in man that brings his downfall or creates hurdies in his life is his ego and his emotional attachment, pride that spoils mans relations with others and makes his behaviour rough and it is mental that puts him in various bondages and bogs him down in the marsh of vies, yoga is that frees man from his enslavement to these two, enjoins upon man to dedicate himself to god, it demands mans devotion to god, considering him as the holiest, the wisest, mightiest, most beautiful, most faithful and most merciful and loveful father, naturally makes him to have unswerving faith in god and to surrender himself unto him so that his divine forces can work upon him to remove the hard crust of vices that covers him, inner feeling of self surrender brings to him meekness so that he now thinks fit to act upon advice of god and to act according to his will, his pride erudition, worldly wisdom, riches, youth and vigour etc, now vanishes and instead, he now becomes humble, considerate and compassionate in the way of his master, most merciful and benevolent god shiva.

Because of this dedication his love no longer remains confines to his new friends, blood relatives to those whom he likes, its sphere now widens and takes the whole world as him family under the fatherhood of god, now he as not only the spirit of comradeship but of brotherhood, there cannot be in him now any idea of exploring other them even in thought, mind is not not divided by distinctions of race, caste, colour, rather he looks upon the world as a drama having huge variety and he has love for all, he does not have attachment towards some, aversion others and feeling of non concern towards the rest, rather he feels that he should be of service to the world so that becomes a better place to live in, he now lives as a trustee under god. considered fromt his point of view yogi does his duties without attachment and without ego, he considers himself to be in the service of mankind and acts according to the direction of god.

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