Our World Solution – Vagaries of Mind

Mind Emotional:

Mans mind today has become vagrant, this has causes him a grave emotional stress and the later in turn has give rise to many problems in the sphere of the family, the nation and the whole world, analysis of the situation would show that most of the problems today whether in the sphere of family the national stem from anyone of the six main kinds of perversities tendencies of mind, resulted in the oversized families in thousands of uncared for and unwanted children and unemployment in the national, the world today we have the grave problem of over population with its economic implications and social and other ramification’s, situation has become explore due to baby boom, prevention it has been rightly said is better than cure and so the wise solution of all this would be to observe noble principle of brahmacharya continence so that mans better health, spirit and stamina is used for higher and nobler causes.

Again anger is that causes man mental tension, nervous disorders, emotional disturbances and family broils and rocks nation with many disorders, it brings forth agitations, strikes that paralyze the industries and causes small and big wars, it makes man organise at tremendous cost, firing squads and fighting brigades rather then the fire fighting brigades, it would be holy and happy day when man realizes that harsh words are like scissors that cut asunder the minds that were once united and that fits of anger are no less harmful than hysterical fits, for under their influence not only does man lose his own balance but he also disturbs others, greed too has its own heavy toll, gluttony, hoarding, tax evasion and earning by unfair means which are various forms of gree, seriously erode mans personal integrity and more fibre and heavily tax mans tranquility, it raises the number of hoarders, for litigation increases and law becomes complicated and voluminous, economic exploits in the world and rich shed only crocodile tears over the fate the lower lot, should man learn from what alexander, great said to his generals when he was dying, world would be better place to live in, the man who earns by unfair menas dies sorrowful death, causes sorrow to so many people, collect astronomically large amounts of money but he cannot eat more than his hunger demands nor can he sleep in more than one room.

Language Community:

Attachment to ones relatives and friends or articles of food also given to man many shocks in life, proves nerve raking when a near and dear one is down with some diseases or dies, who is tied to someone by mental bonds, goes in life like two persons joined in three legged race, attachment to one caste language community world is today divided into various fighting factions or nations confronting other nations, as acrobats leave their swing to hold the hands of others, hanging down from their slings, in full view of the spectators national today enter into various alignments, lion of nationalism has almost devoured the brain of venturing, one can safely cross the ocean of the world if one considers attachment as the rock and roughness in the sea of existence as an obstacle to smooth sailing in life.

Pride also raises high tides in the mind, proud man sees a magnified image of his ownself as one sees one face in a concave mirror, happy in the company of flippants and yes men only, he rides rough shod over those who are men of small means, he is in habit of blowing his own trumpet his own drum which has people drunk with pride, has to pay a high prie to keep itself united and to set its house in order, for there is always tendency in its people to tear away and form into separate groups world today is suffering badly because of leaders who are men proud of their economic strength, territorial superiority, bigger population, would not man have sanity if he understood that pride of all these is a childish pride of mere toys, found that assistance from these five vices besides the sixth which is sloth, path of wisdom, rajyogi takes to this path, in other words he becomes a holy man in fact such a path is not only for a man personally but for the family nation and the whole world.

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