Main Causes for the Pollution of Yamuna River

Main Causes for the Pollution of Yamuna River

The Pollution of the yamuna river is mostly manmade, it flows through several industrial cities like yamuna nagar, new delhi as well as other cities in states like harayana and uttaranchal, sadly the holy river has become a dumping ground for the waste of these cities for example it is believed that new delhi dumps about 58 percent of its waste into this river, in addition industrial waste the poor sewage system saturated landfills human settlements around the river and agricultural waste contribute to the problem, factors to make matters worse people wash clothes utensils and even defecate in or around the river the result is that the yamuna is one of the most polluted rivers in india, yamuna is one of the most important rivers in north india, it passes through uttarkhand and uttar pradesh, at one time it was the lifeline for the people of the area, but today it is the most polluted river of the country, industrial wastes find their way into the river from large industrial units, appears like an industrial drain, as majority of the industries are one its banks, and they dump the untreated effluents into the river, in fact the central pollution control board has estimated that there are approximately 359 industrial units which directly or indirectly discharge their effluents in yamuna.

Some of the Reasons for Pollution of the Sutlej:

Sutlej is one of the five rivers that are the pride of punjab, water of this river which is pure at its source becomes more and more polluted as it flows downstream, sutlej and its tributary locally popular as the buddha nullah flow through the city of ludhiana, kaveri river orginates in the brahmagiri hills of the western ghats, it flows through buddha nullah is the most polluted water body of the city, it used to be a good source of fisheries several years ago and 56 fish species had been recorded in it as ludhiana developed and the industries started coming up the effluents being discharged by the buddha nullah into sutlej river attained alarming proportions, this has caused a drastic decline in the number of fish species besides showing high concentration of heavy metal, all of this is extremely to both human and animal life, and anicuts built cross the river and its tributaries the kaveri is the most river of the country and one of the most polluted too main polluters are the agricultural and urban sectors huge quantities of fertilizers and pesticides are discharged into the river, kaveri is considered to be as sacred as the ganga through out its course, with the same power to wash off all ones sins which makes it ironic that because of mans shortsighted it has become one of the dirtiest of rivers.

Narmada river so polluted

There are 44 rivers in kerala and most of them originate in the sahyadri hills of the western ghats forty one flow west into the arabian sea while only three flow eastwards, periyar and pamba are the three longest rivers in this lush green state, narmada is the largest west flowing river in india, and one of the most polluted as well, jabalpur and bharuch in gujarat are some important cities located on its banks, huge quantities of waste are dumped directly into the river from these cities and villages, chemical effluents from the factories around the river are steadily turning it into a drain, it in indeed sad that river that is supposed to cleanse a persons body and should is itself in urgent need of cleansing today, tehri dam is the tallest dam in india and the eight tallest in the world the water of its reservoir is used for irrigation and drinking located on the Bhagirathi river and tehri dam soars to a height of 251 metres and generates 1000 mw of electricity, bhakra dam is indias largest dam and asia second largest its reservoir the govind sagar lake is the second largest in india, the bhakra dam is built across the sutlej river it supplies electricity to three states punjab himachal and haryana.

Hirakud dam is Indias longest dam and one of the longest in the world it stretches for a total length of 26 km built across the river Mahanadi in Orissa it is the world largest earthen dam, nagarjuna sagar dam is the worlds largest masonry dam built across the krishna river it has one of the largest networks of canal systems in the world dam can store upto 11443 cubic meters in its reservoir, Idukki dam is only arch dam in India, located in the periyar valley in kerala it is built between two mountain named kuravanmala and kurathimala the dam plays an important role in the irrigation sector and produces of power idduki dam is the largest archdam in asia, the indira sagar dam in madhya pradesh is built across the narmada river in madhya pradesh it has the biggest reservoir in india, the dam is part of multipurpose project that provides both irrigation and power to large areas of state, dam is one of the largest earthen dam in india it is located on the bhavana river in erode district tamil nadu the dam is second largest dam in tamil nadu and one of the earliest river valley projects undertaken after india won her independence, maithon dam has an underground power station the first of its kind in asia it was specially designed for flood control and generates of electric power the dam is one of the river barakar in jharkhand the lake created by the dam is spread over an area, sardar sarovar dam is built on the narmada near Rajpipla in the state of gujarat it is long concrete gravity dam and the world second largest dam in terms of volume of concrete used, this dam has the longest canal network in the world.

The Koyna dam is constructed across the koyna river in mahrashtra it s one of the largest dams in the state and is one of the largest civil engineering projects commissioned after independence the main purpose for commission the dam was to generate hydroelectric power and provide irrigation for the surrounding regions, kaveri it is named after the former ruler of the mysore kingdom, this dam is the main source of water for irrigation in mysore and mandya the dam reservoir provides most of the drinking water for mysore city and for almost the whole of banglore city.

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