God is in Brahmloka

In Gita famous scripture it has been said whenever there is complete irreligiousness take a corporeal form it has also been said my abode is located beyond the light of the sun the moon and the stars, clearly points out that the supreme should abides in brahmloka the world where the souls dwell after liberation, yet there are many people who think that god is omnipresent or that all beings are different manifestations of one same god the question arises, if god the giver of health and happiness were omnipresent or were himself manifest in various human forms, why should a person be diseased at all or why should he pray to god for relieving him of the pain, dies this not show that god has his existence different from individual souls.

God Inspiration

Again matter of common observation that when fire pervades an iron ball, iron also gives a burning sensation and begins to glow like the fire, likewise if god the ocean of purity peace and bliss dwells in the heart of all beings why should not there be vicelessness peace and bliss in all and why should there be no consciousness at all when a sould has left a body, do these facts not betoken that god has his own separate abode, he does not dwell in all otherwise if god the loveful father dwelt in all or if all beings were manifestations of god, how would you explain stabbing of a man by another man or the aspiration of the vision of god by a yogi, it would only be self contradictory to say that even a criminal, snake and a pig all are manifestations of god, let all know if clearly that god is the parent soul in brahmloka, sould world whose vision yogis aspire.

It is the point worthy of consideration that if god were omnipresent or if all beings were manifestations of god, there would be no sense in withdrawing our mind from all directions and focusing it on god, in that case one would let ones mind wander one knows pratyahare of mind dharna holding the mind at one point and dhyana, meditation on him as a special person are the prime factors in the practice of rajayoga and all these refute the belief that the self god or that god is omnipresent, those who believe that god is omnipresent, seek to concenter on the tip of their nose or on the point between eyebrows on a candle flame which are only material objects, one should in fact concentrate on god who is point of light in the soul world.

Politcal Liberation

In order to have mental, emotional and spiritual link with god one leave and regards god as one spiritual father, teacher, savior mentor and guide, for this one has to understand clearly that god is called the father not because man owes the procreation of his body to him and not because god created matter or the souls but for other reasons, following few usages of the world father will make this point clear, one calls the mayor of a city as city father, not in the ordinary sense of the world but in the sense that is mayor he is chiefly responsible for the peace and welfare of the people abiding in the bounds of the city, he is called the city father because over all he looks after the health and happiness of its inhabitants as a father should look after his children.

Again person who has been the key figure in the task of political liberation of his country from the yoke of aliens or who plays a major role in reconstructing his country, is known as father of the nation, evidently he is called the father because he is political rebirth to the nation which already had its territorial linguistic, cultural, ethinic or social existence, similarly persons who propounds a new theory or gives the world new system of thought is known as the father of that theory or the art of science, further one who commands respect amongst many people because of his wise guidance, affection and towering stature also known as the father figure.

Prajapita Rajyoga

In the same manner god is known as father of the world, not because he created the souls or matter but because it is he who brings liberation to souls from the bondage of five vices which are the cause of all sufferings, it is not that he creates the world in any gross sense but that he brings about the spiritual regeneration, he gives them the moral and spiritual birth by teaching divine knowledge and rajyoga through the medium of a human being who comes to be known as prajapita brahma, he is called the father he gives to the mankind inheritance of complete purity, peace and prosperity at the end of the iron age in each world cycle, he gives them the love guidance and care of spiritual father as also of mother, guide and preceptor, so it is appropriate to remember him as the most beloved guru.

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