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Feeding Your Dog – How Often Should Dogs Eat And Aging Diet

Surely you have come here looking for what may be the best feed for your dog within your economic possibilities. Well, let me tell you, you’re in luck today. Due to having tried a huge number of brands and ranges in search of the best products and our experience analyzing dog food, since one of our dogs has always required special food, we have decided to create this article. The purpose of it is to save you time, even if you don’t believe it, we have invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours learning about nutrition and analyzing and testing a lot of feed (or croquettes, what do you prefer to call them).

So if you want me to summarize all that you have learned during all this time, you will have to dedicate the next two or three minutes of your life. For our part, we will show you which are the best feed and why. Let’s start at the beginning … What to look for in a feed to know if it’s good?
Good question, this is where everyone sins of trusting thinking that the most expensive feed is for some unknown reason, the best. Nothing is further from reality. Arden Grange Dog Food Puppy, The fundamental thing in a quality feed is that it adapts to the needs of our dog. That’s right, no two dogs are alike on the planet, why should everyone eat the same? It makes no sense. Review these five options that I give you and when you have read them, meditate only for a few seconds on whether they make sense or not.

Feeding for puppies and mothers

Both puppies that overflow as much energy as pregnant dogs need a nutrient-rich diet of high biological value.Your metabolism requires extra energy, in one case to develop and in the other to be able to cover your own nutritional needs and also provide food to your nursing puppies. Providing a good diet to our puppies is essential for them to develop correctly, growing healthy and strong.

Feeding for young dogs

Earthquakes arrived! And if you don’t have a dog between one and five years old … you don’t know what energy is in its purest form. It is at this age when they need certain essential nutrients to take the body (what we know how to widen).

Feed for older dogs

Older dogs are the ones that need fewer calories because due to their age, their life begins to be calmer and their nutritional needs are getting smaller. However, if you need a minimum to maintain and obviously, the higher the quality of that “minimum” the better your health.

Feeding for sick dogs

Each dog is a world and depending on what disease you have, it will be better for a diet higher or lower in protein, calories, fiber, etc … You have to analyze each case in a very personalized way since a good diet can help them to carry their illnesses much better (or recover).
Race and its habits also influence
Not everything is knowing how old he is and now, it is necessary to assess each dog individually. If we have a small breed dog, we may not need a diet as rich in calcium as it grows, as a large breed. The same happens with daily activity, a dog that walks three times for a quiet walk a day does not need the same calories as a dog that goes for a run with its owner, hiking or running.
It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in a feed, because surely you think that the more meat, fat or protein you have, the better … but is it what you think is better or is it the best for your dog? We must first analyze our dog and according to their needs, find a suitable feed. There is no perfect feed for all dogs, each dog has its perfect feed.

What are the highest quality ingredients?

Luckily for those of us who live in Spain, the law requires manufacturers of canine food to specify the ingredients used. Something that usually leaves reflected in the label of their products, so let’s see which we should consider high quality and which not.

Meat and fish

From higher to lower quality it could be said that meats can be classified as follows:
Dehydrated meat
Fresh meat
Meat flour
Meat by-products
Why is dehydrated meat above fresh meat? Well, simply because you never buy fresh meat in a bag of feed, but dehydrated.
Think of a label that starts with CHICKEN FRESH MEAT 35%, You will be convinced that this product has 35% chicken in its composition, right? Well, it happens to all of us … me too in his day. The feed for dogs, when created, dehydrates completely since we buy it in a “dry” format. So 35% of fresh meat can be about 15% dehydrated. That is why it is much better to use dehydrated meat and thus be able to assess the real percentage it contains.
If you read 35% of fresh meat or 30% of dehydrated meat, I assure you that the second will have much more meat. Then we go to lower qualities such as flours, followed by by-products, something we should avoid.


Cereal-free dog food is much better than a cereal-filled one, right? Mee !! Oddly enough, some dogs need a low-protein diet so adding cereals is beneficial for them. On the other hand, what is happening with the absurd fashion of cereal-free feed? it seems that nobody notices that what is removed from cereal is not covered with meat, but that it is filled with legumes and…. Did you know that legumes cause a lot of gas to dogs?
How you just read, neither the cereals are so bad nor should we accept any type of cereal, let’s see which ones are suitable and why:
Anyway, there are no more cereals that I can recommend based on my knowledge. Rice, always in its right measure, is an excellent source of carbohydrates, superior to many types of legumes. Oatmeal provides carbohydrates and improves the hair and skin of our dogs (always in its right measure), also helps to make digestions better, among many other things.
Cereals that we should not accept: Corn, wheat, barley, etc … This type of cereals has a low biological value at a nutritional level, so they are often used for “stuffing”, to reduce production costs. If you have a choice, it is better to avoid them.

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