Delusion Illusion and Enlightment

Rajyogi Opposition

When a man is body conscious his knowledge of things is not such as should illumine his mind and give it virtue for instance when he sees a beautiful lady, he becomes bewitched by her facial appearance easily forgetting that this is momentary phenomenon but the reality has dawned on a rajyogi, who knows that all that glitters is not gold, beautiful photo has its negative in which figure looks like a ghost, so the beauty of form does not captative him, he only appreciates it, similarly though rajayogi earn money and makes use of it, yet he does not hander after it nor loses his mind if he loses the money for he knows that money rolls on.

Non yogi may notice hostility opposition in certain persons though it is actually based on his own deceptive mind even as a boy sometimes sees a ghost in some plant in the darkness but rajyogi keeps his mind free of negative thoughts and tension, take a example, A man, A non yogi may feel pricked and walking ahead of him, asking him to hold his tongue, but a yogi takes things in a good spirit and is not easily provoked, yogi does not feel bedazzled by sense objects as a deer does on day in summer wrongly perceiving sand dunes at a distance as ripples of water, non yogi not feel by sense objects as a deer does on aday, yogi considers the whole world as a family.

Yogi talks out of necessity only and gives proper regard and love to others and says things without any prejudice and without authoritatives tones, he is saved from odd situations, resulting out of rebuff from others, likewise he does not keep himself bound by the shackles of whatever is old, by giving to it the beautiful name of ancient culture, but he considers things on their merit, past may be worthy of only being shown in a museum rather than being translated into life in modern conditions, though he likes and admires the beautiful trees and fruits he is not overwhelmed with one sided feelings because deep in his mind, he knows that inherent in it are the forces of involution.

Yogi Attitude:

Yogi is free from delusion and illusion, he is truly englightened, his source of knowledge of god and so he knows universal and ultimate truth, he has knowledge of the past, present and the future and also knows regions beyond space, it has been aptly said that thing of beauty is a joy for ever, it has to be seen, however to which kind of beauty this saying applies, observed that a person, having facial beauty is not necessarily beautiful heart, lady who has attractive looks no longer looks beautiful if he acts like an enraged bull in china shop, it has been truly said that handsome is he that handsome does, beauty is subjective for instance anyone who is a lover of nature, cannot resist being drawn to a beautiful flower, but to a bird, flower is only a thing to be nibbled at so beauty does not necessarily lie in the colour or contours, it lies in the eyes of beholder.

Further in this attitude towards beauty man seems to be oblivious of what lies under the skin of the person he loves, for if he had remembered that underneath skin, is the net of nerves muscles, bones, etc, his idea of beauty would look only meaningless its therefore true that the saying goes that beauty is only skin deep, time also leaves its own indelible marks, in the form of wrinkles, on the face, it points to ones vanity due to ones beauty of form, because there is no element of permanence in the form of the face, mans body and its beauty are nourised and brought into existence by what a man eats, hunger robs a mans face of what was until then called beauty, similarly, disease, fatigue and worry also eat away what is called loveliness, in fact the colours and form look as they do because of presence of light and the colours are nothing but the various rays with different wave lengths, and undeniable is the fact that light itself is beauty.

Yoga Beauty

All these facts bespeak the truth that beauty which has rightly been termed a source of joy for ever, should be something more lasting and divine, yogi finds this kind of beauty in god, who is light personified, who knows no disease, no sorrow, no ageing, no wear and tear, spirit the form and the actions, that beauty is exquisite, pure, natural innocent and ennobling, a person with a handsome face may have ugly actions a beautiful flower ma be just an article of food to a sparrow, beauty is nothing but some lines on an of the ksin which is spoiled by age and disease, its made of what we eat and vanishes in darkness, only gods beauty is everlasting its really joy, yogi loves gods beauty, enchanting that nothing can stand comparison to it love with god enhances beauty of the spirit, because lack of knowledge and yoga man gets into various negative moods, knowledge that this world is a fair for fun that storms being stores of pearls bring stores of god, almighty being is our father guide and conscious link with god gives man a state of constant happiness why should we lose our mood if we know that loss of happiness, why should man lost his mood if he knows that it would create more difficulties.

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