Can I Do Yoga on Bed

can i do yoga on bed

Can I do yoga empty stomach?

  1. Try yoga postures with a high intensity if you can.
  2. Do light flow classes for yoga beginners if it is your first time to practice.
  3. Or go for deep flow classes at the morning when you wake up.
  4. Be gentle with yourself, for the sake of your first time.
  5. Remember, if you find the yoga uncomfortable, you might not stick to yoga practice long enough. You will feel better and more comfortable and enjoy the benefits if you stick to it.
  6. Listen to your body. Do yoga according to your body’s ability. Do you have back pain while practicing? You might need to practice gentle flow/cobra class.
  7. Do you prefer to practice yoga more seriously on daily basis or once in few months? Set your goals, make your target. Make it clear with yourself that you will never skip it.
  8. Have a clear intention to stick to your yoga practice.
  9. Be grateful. Be mindful. Be focused. Be gentle. Be compassionate. Be balanced. Be content. Know that you are enough, yoga will help you to keep yourself away from pain and stress. Be focused on your own success.
  10. Remember: “yoga is a way to relax your mind and calm the body.” It is a great way to relieve your tension and stress. Do not expect miracles from yoga practice. You need to stick with it to get the most benefit from yoga.
  11. Do more challenging yoga poses once in a while.
  12. Enjoy the process.
  13. Keep positive. Have a positive intention.
  14. Believe in yourself. Know that you are strong enough. Yoga will help and support you to achieve your goal.
  15. Never forget the reason why you are practicing yoga. Make your yoga class the center of your life.
  16. Share with yoga with your people. Have many yoga classes and workshops.
  17. Make your community safe. Do the same with yourself. Start from the most essential, easy to do yoga poses every day. Start simple, add more challenges and more advanced moves gradually.
  18. Have an inspirational post or quotes. Try to motivate one another. Let them inspire you.
  19. Share your experiences.
  20. Build your own motivation.
  21. Try hard and be strong.
  22. Don’t give up: Keep striving toward your goal and keep positive.
  23. The practice of yoga will bring benefits for your life including improved mobility, balance, flexibility, increased strength, and cardiovascular efficiency. It will protect your internal organs. It will have other good effects if you regularly practice yoga. Yoga is a practice of self-discovery and meditation, which is perfect for me. For me, yoga is

Benefits of RajaYoga

Cleansing and Purifying the Body. As we age, we start to accumulate ‘detritus’. ‘Detritus’ means that the body is filled up with many toxins which cannot be processed via our normal cleaning mechanism (sweat, digestion, bowel action etc.). This causes the disease which so many of us face as we grow older, both physically and psychologically. The RajaYoga system helps to cleanse and purify the body. As you start to practice the system diligently, your overall physical health will begin to improve. You will experience a greater sense of well-being. Your stress levels will drop, you will feel happier and more positive.

Increases Energy. As we age, every day can be a battle as we get tired and feel exhausted even after a good nights sleep. For many, the daily rush to get from A to B and the strain on the body takes its toll. This tiredness can cause you to slip into unhealthy patterns to obtain more ‘energy’. (more…see this web page) RajaYoga is a complete system of wellness that gives you the physical and emotional strength to tackle those times when you need more energy. The practice of the four steps every day will give you added energy. (more…) Rejuvenation of Mind & Body. The body and mind need to be given sufficient R & R in order to regenerate, just as an injured person must rest his leg or arm in order to heal. RajaYoga gives this to us. It helps to calm the mind and focus the mind on healing and not only does it give you the physical benefits, but the mental too. If, for example, you feel lonely – this creates in you a further negative energy which prevents you from accessing your natural, positive emotions.

By bringing your mind into a positive focus on who you are, your true self, and not on what you ‘need’, you will no longer be caught up in the negative ‘vortex’ surrounding the ego. Once you have established this positive focus in your mind, you are no longer subject to the negativity, stress and anxiety which seems to have infected the world, most of all, those close to you. By the simple act of bringing your mind into the present, of concentrating fully on the here and now and not worrying about the past or the future you can make significant progress. (more…)

Freedom from Stress. You will feel a lot of relief from stress and worry about the most insignificant of situations because you will no longer be identified with those which seem so huge and in your mind. As the negative vibrations settle down in your mind, you will find that those which seemed so large and powerful are not so in the external situation themselves. Instead, all that remains is the space which those vibrations occupied. This process can take a short while, but if persisted with will lead.

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