Benefits of Yoga Asanas

benefits of yoga asanas

Weight Loss Yoga Exercises for Fat Burning

It s time to lose that weight. There is no other reason for me to be alive than to lose weight. When I get it (fat), I d be thrilled. I ve always been the one who needs to diet the most. The person that needs to lose the most weight has always been the one who has lost the most weight. Weight loss is in my blood. I am sure I sired my wife who is a beautiful woman and is only 50 years old I ve got it from her side of the family and I ve passed it on to her. This has made me want to go back to a fit body and look better for longer. Most people feel the way I do after they have put on a pound or two. It s one thing to wear a size 26 and another to wear a size 24. It s very empowering when you see a friend or family member who s put on weight or looking older. People lose weight in three different ways: The first is simply stopping eating; the second is losing a few pounds of body fat and keeping a healthy diet but eating very little food; and

What to Eat Before and After Yoga

Start your day with a cup of warm water with lemon juice, honey or stevia (optional). It will help in digestion and it’s also a great way to start the day! I like this one from Thrive Market: You can add cinnamon sticks for extra flavor if you want too This is my favorite breakfast because of how filling it makes me feel before yoga practice! If you need more energy after lunch try Bulletproof And don’t forget about snacks; make sure they are healthy ones that won’t put weight on!! My favorites include homemade trail mix, fresh fruit salad, edamame or nuts & seeds There are tons of ideas out there so just find what works for your body type Also remember that some people have cravings at different times throughout the day which means we all go through phases where something specific helps us get ready for our workout routine…I personally love chocolate but then eat less when I am trying to lose fat So be mindful during these days instead of binge eating everything in sight! That said give yourself permission not to do anything extreme as long as you stay active everyday!!!

Benefits of Yoga Asanas

Improves Blood Flow: Our blood circulation greatly benefits from practicing yoga postures.

Improves Mental Focus: Being one of the best forms of stress management and meditation, yoga poses promote calmness and enhances our level of focus.

Reduces Stress: Yoga poses not only help you de-stress but also help in dealing with all the stress in your work place or daily environment. Stress-free yoga is an obvious and effective way of managing and eliminating stress from our everyday life.

Improves Muscle Control of the Body: Yoga postures also provide the strength, flexibility and coordination necessary to improve muscle coordination both physically and mentally.

Gives Us Better Body Shape: Being an exercise routine, yoga poses can improve the overall physical appearance, reduce the body fat percentage and help in keeping the body shape for a longer time.

Reduces Obesity & Weight Gain : Practicing yoga poses regularly can reduce the body weight and give us an overall balanced and healthy diet.

Decreases the Risk of Chronic Diseases: The yoga asanas can improve the quality of blood, which reduces the overall level of cholesterol level. This eventually prevents the incidence of heart diseases and other types of chronic disorders, which can make us weak and unfit. It strengthens the immunity and the heart.

Increases Immune System: Regular practice of yoga can increase the overall health and fitness of the body, which in-turn helps our immune system, as it improves the overall functioning and strength.

Improves Blood Glucose Management : Yoga poses are also said to increase the levels of blood glucose level which is necessary for all of us. And regular practice can decrease the risk of diabetic issues in us.

Improves Muscle Coordination: Yoga postures, especially the Asanas play a vital role in improving muscle coordination. As we practice them regularly, we will get the feeling of improved coordination in our body and thus we can easily perform various other movements which will lead to better and faster muscle development.

Improves Joint & Back Pain: Yoga asanas help in reducing the stiffness and soreness in the joints and the back. With the consistent practice of poses, we will get the flexibility and muscles in our body which will help us to avoid any kind of disease, as it gives us the perfect balance and strength which will decrease chances of falling and thus decrease the risk of getting injured.

Improves Lung Function : The poses strengthen our lungs and helps in improving the breathing efficiency with which we will get rid of lung diseases. Regular practice of poses will increase the volume of the lungs along with the overall efficiency of the lungs which will lead to perfect oxygenation of our body. Being fit in body and mind will also provide a better breathing pattern. This will lead

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