Paul’s Baguette Recipe |

Paul’s Baguette is a recipe for all novices and people seeking to make baguette at dwelling extra repeatedly.

Complete Time: 6 hours 10 minutes

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Paul's Baguette

That is Paul’s baguette recipe! My husband perfected this bread recipe over time and the result’s all the time a crusty and ethereal french type baguette.

The recipe is nice for bread baking novices (Paul can also be a newbie bread baker). No kneading by hand, however you want a hand or stand mixer.

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This can be a baguette bread recipe ready with easy components.

In addition to, you do not want fancy bread baking tools resembling a proofing couche or a baking stone as a result of this bread recipe is an excellent easy, nearly fool-proof model made for bread baking novices.

You additionally do not want plastic wrap. 🙂

📕 What’s Baguette?

The baguette is a French elongated white bread with a crunchy crust and an ethereal gentle bread texture on the within.

As we speak in case you go to a bakery in France, the common most typical baguette might be about 24 to 26 inches (60 to 65 cm) lengthy.

This wasn’t all the time the case as a result of after the struggle the baguettes bought to a whooping 39 inches (ca. 1 m).

Basic sized French baguette are additionally known as Baguette de Paris or flûte, however this is only one number of three. They’re differentiated by weight and size.

The opposite two are the ficelle (a thinner and lighter baguette), and the shorter demi-baguette.

Paul’s recipe is a demi-baguette as a result of that is the one that matches into your private home oven.

french baguette made at home

🥖 Elements

Right here is an summary of what you want (full recipe card additional under):

  • Flour
  • Desk Salt
  • Yeast
  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Olive Oil

For the flour Paul recommends gentle and nice pastry flour. It is also offered as Italian 00 flour or double 00 flour within the US and UK.

If in case you have solely common all-purpose-flour at dwelling, you should use that too. At first, Paul used all-purpose flour, however he realized that the baguette would prove lighter and extra good with the pastry flour.

For the yeast, you should use common dry lively yeast or cake compressed yeast.

If you may get recent cake compressed yeast, use that as a result of it simply makes a number of taste distinction and that is what they use in France.

Contemporary cake compressed yeast is available in a dice, and so they promote it close to the milk within the cooling part in your grocery retailer. Look out for small yellow cubes of Fleischmann’s recent lively yeast or for the majority Purple Star choice.

Contemplate that the standard of your yeast will make or break your bread. Moreover, be certain that to make use of yeast that isn’t previous the use date.

The sugar might be plain common sugar. Sugar is required as a result of the yeast must feed by the sugars and including that to the flour, which can also be a carb, will get the yeast to work more durable. The result’s a fluffier dough!

Your water must be lukewarm as a result of it can create the correct comfortable surroundings in your yeast to thrive in. It is all about feeding the yeast in your baguette!

Olive oil provides elasticity to the gluten in your flour in order that the dough might be stretchier. It additionally provides taste. I like to recommend an additional virgin olive oil so as to add high quality.

broken baguette airy insides

🔪 The right way to make Paul’s Baguette?

This recipe is totally different from different conventional baguette recipes because of the bread dough consistency.

After I helped Paul develop a working baguette recipe, we confronted a problem with dry heavy breads consequently.

After many trials and errors, Paul got here to the conclusion {that a} moist sticky dough can be the answer to an ethereal gentle good baguette.

It was successful recipe which he ended up perfecting each time he would bake a recent baguette.

Right here is the define of Paul’s Baguette Recipe.

You will see that the detailed US and metric measurements additional under within the recipe card with the precise directions and find out how to video.

Step 1

Stir and dissolve the yeast into water.

Place flour, salt, sugar, olive oil into a big bowl. Pour within the dissolved yeast within the water.

dissolve yeast with water for proofing.
Dissolve yeast with water
pour yeast and water mix into the bowl to the flour and other ingredients
Pour the yeast and water combine into the bowl with the flour and different components

Step 2

Place stand or hand mixer hook into the flour and pour in water.

Combine and knead every thing to a easy skinny dough (it is extra like a batter). This could take 5 minutes.

pour water to flour and other ingredients in the bowl
Pour water to flour and different components within the bowl
mix and beat baguette dough with a mixer dough hook
Combine and knead dough with a mixer dough hook

Step 3

Scrape batter off the edges and place the skinny dough into the middle of your bowl.

Cowl your bowl with a moist kitchen towel.

Go away the dough to relaxation at room temperature for two ½ hours.

scrape the sides of your bowl to assemble the baguette dough in the center of the bowl
Scrape the edges of your bowl to assemble the dough within the middle of the bowl
cover baguette dough in bowl with a damp kitchen towel
Cowl dough within the bowl with a moist kitchen towel

Step 4

After 2 ½ hours, take away the kitchen towel. Your dough may have risen!

Fold the dough with a silicone spatula. This strengthens the dough.

Cowl once more with the kitchen towel and depart to relaxation once more in order that it will probably rise additional, for one more 2 hours.

baguette dough after 2 hours rising in room temperature.
Baguette dough after 2 hours rising in room temperature.
fold in baguette dough
Fold dough

Step 5

After 2 hours of leaving the dough to rise, put together your baguette pan. Sprinkle water on the pan and place parchment paper on that.

Fold your baguette dough a second and final time.

line baguette pan with parchment paper
Line baguette pan with parchment paper
fold in baguette dough a second time
Fold dough a second time

Step 6

Rigorously pour a chunk of dough into one of many baguette molds. Do this in batches.

Unfold the dough with a silicone spatula as a result of the dough is tremendous sticky.

Form it into two equal sized baguettes.

Go away them to relaxation for one more half-hour.

Step 7

Preheat your oven.

Mud your uncooked baguette with flour.

Rating your baguette by reducing into the highest with a pointy knife.

dust your raw baguette with flour
Mud your uncooked baguette with flour
score raw baguette dough
Rating uncooked baguette dough

Step 8

Bake Baguette at a gradual warmth.

Take out from the oven when golden brown and depart to chill a bit.

Take away extra flour.

Get pleasure from your Baguette!

golden baked baguette ready to be taken out to cool
Golden baked baguette able to be taken out to chill
dust away excess flour on baked baguette
Take away extra flour on baked baguette loaf

📜 Suggestions

Making and baking a baguette is really science at its greatest! Each step can decide in case your baguette will resemble a French baguette or if it is simply meh.

Comply with these helpful tricks to the T, to succeed baking your first french Baguette from scratch at dwelling:

  • Use the correct flour. Decide a white flour resembling pastry flour or 00 sort flour as a result of it is a lot lighter and can create the ethereal texture that we’re on the lookout for in a baguette.
  • Paul likes to make use of recent cake compressed yeast to make Baguette because it provides a extra pure healthful taste to the baguette. Cake compressed yeast can also be extra frequent in Europe than within the US. That stated, you’re free to make use of dry lively yeast, if that’s what you’ve gotten at dwelling or get in shops. Simply be certain that it isn’t expired!
  • Combine the yeast in lukewarm water to assist it activate. The yeast will “awaken” sooner.
  • The dough must be kneaded effectively. That is vital as a result of the gluten within the flour will get activated that means and that in flip creates the elasticity of your baguette dough. When it’s elastic, it can rise higher for the reason that yeast will get to feast by the carbs, and that creates these ethereal pockets in your bread. Use a kitchen machine or hand mixer with a dough hook.
  • Your dough must be left in a bowl to rise. Cowl the bowl with a moist clear kitchen towel and depart it to sit down for the primary rising cycle in a heat space at room temperature. Paul simply retains it out on the kitchen counter, I wish to activate the sunshine within the oven and that little gentle creates slightly heat surroundings, which helps the yeast to eat by the dough.
  • After the primary rising cycle, you will want to briefly fold within the dough, the aim is to present the yeast a brand new dough space to eat by.
  • Minimize the baking sheet to the scale of the baguette pan.
  • Baguette pans preserve your baguette in form through the resting and baking interval. The baguette pan must be lined with parchment paper. Sprinkle some water over the pan and place the parchment paper over that in order that it maintain higher within the form. Many pans include an choice of constructing 3 baguettes. You do not have to fill each baguette mildew, one might be empty through the baking cycle.
  • Scoring is if you make cuts on the prime of your uncooked dough simply earlier than baking the bread. You try this in order that the baguette will get to develop to its typical form. It helps in releasing steam and ensuring the baguette does not malform. However since this dough is so very sticky, it will probably get tough to attain. The answer is to maintain a small very sharp knife within the freezer, after which rating your dough with that. A razor blade can also be an choice, however we discovered it a bit tough to carry it within the hand and single shaving blades will not be all the time simply purchasable.
  • Your baguette will develop a crunchy crust with steam within the oven. To realize that, place a ramekin or baking tray with some water into the oven through the preheating cycle and preserve it there always if you end up baking your baguette. The warmth of the oven will get the water to steam and that can lead to an ideal crunchy baguette crust. Sorry, Paul forgot to point out it within the video after we filmed this video, however he normally all the time does it.
  • Do not open your oven whereas baking, that fixed warmth is required for the crust to type.
  • The baguette is prepared and finished baking after about 20 minutes, baked at a relentless temperature of 460 Fahrenheit (240 diploma Celsius). The oven has to have preheated on the similar temperature, and you’ll’t open the oven whereas baking. You may see when it is finished when the bread seems golden brown.
  • Follow, apply, apply! Your baguette may not prove flawless the primary time, and that is okay. Baking an ideal baguette comes out of expertise.

🍱 Storing

A baguette is a day bread that must be consumed inside 24 hours. It is because, like some other white bread, it tends to get more durable the longer it sits out.

So, the very best time to eat your baguette is all the time proper after baking.

That is additionally why folks in France will all the time exit and purchase a freshly baked, nonetheless heat baguette within the morning and night. Bakers there usually bake twice a day to satisfy the demand.

If omitted, the baguette will flip exhausting on the within and the outer crust will simply get smooth. That is very true in a damp moist tropical surroundings.

You may’t actually keep away from all that, however you possibly can preserve your baguette in a bread field (minimize it into two to make it match) and even higher in a linen bag.

close up of baguette made from scratch

💡 Concepts to make use of your Baguette Bread

Baguette bread is a each day bread in France. You’ve got it for breakfast with butter and jam and for lunch and dinner with a house cooked meal and wine.

Make fast garlic bread and serve them up together with your predominant course meals.

In my view, baguette bread is ideal in its most pure state with both jam or liver Pâté. Paul loves his home made bread with chilly cuts and cheese.

French jam are particular as a result of they solely embrace the very best of fruits and sugar, so they’re freed from synthetic components. I’ve loads of french jam recipes that my household makes.

You should utilize the baguette too as a base for Italian Bruschetta or Crostini appetizers. I’ve used it to make vegan appetizers too.

Use the baguette to make lunch sandwiches or open-faced oven baked french pizza baguettes.

💭 FAQs

Why did my Baguette not rise?

The dough has to rise, and it’s worthwhile to fold it as per our directions. In the event you skip all that and attempt to minimize the chase, your baguette will not rise through the baking course of within the oven. Keep on with the warmth setting as described within the recipe and do not open the oven door through the baking course of. Furthermore, be certain that to make use of high quality yeast and test the expiry date.

What warmth setting ought to I choose on my oven to bake baguette?

Setting for normal ovens within the US: Decide the conventional “bake” setting in your oven. Settings for ADVANCED ovens or ovens in Europe: In case your oven has some extra particular choices, select the highest backside warmth setting (not the broiler choice, that is one thing else all collectively!). In any other case, the underside warmth setting will work nice too (that is the common “bake” setting on most ovens within the US). Do not use the fan convection setting, you probably have that in your oven for baking any bread.

What temperature do I’ve to set within the oven?

Use a excessive warmth setting since you need to bake the baguette in a flash for the crust to type on the surface. Set it at 460 Fahrenheit (240 diploma Celsius) all alongside, from preheating to baking.

Can I make this with bread flour or complete wheat flour?

You should utilize bread flour, nevertheless it will not prove as ethereal as with pastry flour or all-purpose flour. I do not advocate substituting with complete wheat flour as a result of this recipe isn’t made for heavier and fewer gluten-rich flours.

Are Baguettes ready historically in different international locations as effectively?

Sure, in most former french colonies you will see that Baguette being offered commercially. It’s nonetheless very fashionable bread in Morocco, Algeria, Burkino Faso, Canada, and Vietnam.

Does baguette imply bread in French?

No, baguette can imply a rod or a stick, as in chopstick. The French phrase for bread is “ache”.

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📖 Recipe

Paul's Baguette

Paul’s Baguette Recipe

Paul’s Baguette is a recipe for all novices and people seeking to make baguette at dwelling extra repeatedly.


Course: Breakfast, DIY

Delicacies: French

baguette recipe, french baguette

Prep Time: 50 minutes

Prepare dinner Time: 20 minutes

Resting Time: 5 hours

Complete Time: 6 hours 10 minutes

Servings: 2 small Baguette

Energy: 737kcal


Getting ready the baguette dough

  • Place your yeast (dry lively or recent) right into a small bowl and pour in lukewarm water). Dissolve the yeast fully within the water. Maintain apart

    1½ Teaspoon Dry Energetic Yeast, ⅓ cup Water

  • Take a big bowl and pour within the flour. Add to that the salt, sugar and olive oil. Pour into the flour additionally the yeast dissolved in water.

    3 cup All-purpose Flour, ½ Teaspoon Salt, 1 Teaspoon Sugar, 1 Teaspoon Olive Oil

  • Place your stand mixer or hand mixer dough hook into the flour and different components within the bowl. Pour in all of the water.

    ¾ cup + 2 Tablespoon Water

  • Flip in your machine and begin mixing and kneading the dough. Knead the dough till you’ve gotten a easy elastic sticky batter. This could take about 5 minutes.

Dough rising and folding

  • Scrape batter off the edges of your bowl to assemble it within the middle of your mixing bowl.

  • Moist a kitchen towel in order that it is damp and wrap the kitchen towel across the bowl to cowl it.

  • Go away the dough to relaxation and rise for about 2½ hours at room temperature.

  • After 2½ hours, take away the damp kitchen towel. Your dough ought to have risen significantly.

  • Fold your sticky dough with a silicon kitchen spatula by turning across the bowl. The dough will lose its airiness, and it’ll fall again to its authentic measurement from earlier.

  • Cowl your dough within the bowl as soon as once more with the damp kitchen towel and depart to relaxation and rise for one more 2 hours.

  • After 2 hours, put together your baguette pan. Minimize your parchment paper to the scale of your baguette pan. Sprinkle some water over the pan and place parchment paper into the pan. It can stick and tackle the form of the pan, because of the sprinkled water.

  • Fold your dough for the second and final time.

Baguette pan

  • Unfold some sticky dough with the assistance of a silicon spatula in one of many molds. Do this in batches and add small dough portions into the mildew, a bit at a time.

  • The dough might be unfold with the movement of the silicone spatula dragging it right into a path. Ensure that to form it in on the borders too. (see video)

  • Go away the formed uncooked baguette dough to rise for one more half-hour within the baguette pan. They are going to each acquire slightly form and switch lighter.

  • Preheat oven to 460 Fahrenheit (240 diploma Celsius). Tip: Maintain a ramekin or an oven secure bowl with water in your oven, which can create steam and assist in the formation of the crust.

  • Mud your baguettes with flour.

    All-purpose Flour

  • Rating in on the prime of your baguette with a really sharp knife. Tip: Maintain a knife within the freezer for 10 minutes. Scoring the sticky dough with the frozen knife might be a lot simpler.

Baking and ending

  • Bake the baguette at 460 Fahrenheit (240 diploma Celsius) for about 20 minutes. It could fluctuate between 17 and 20 minutes, relying in your oven. The baguette is finished when it turns golden brown.

  • Take out your baguette and depart to chill.

  • As soon as the loaves have cooled, take away extra flour.

  • Get pleasure from your home made baguette!


  1. Attempt to get and use pastry flour, it is a lot lighter and higher fitted to making baguette bread. Additionally, 00 or double zero flour is an choice. If in case you have all-purpose flour at dwelling, you should use that too, however Paul stated that his baguette would not prove that gentle with all-purpose flour.
  2. You may select between lively dry yeast or recent compressed yeast. Paul used a recent yeast dice within the video as a result of the bread seems higher, as recent yeast tends to be a greater high quality yeast. However it’s alright to make use of dry lively yeast on this recipe too.
  3. Dry to recent yeast conversion for two Baguette: 1½ Teaspoon dry lively yeast equals 0.4 ounces recent compressed cake yeast or about ⅔ of the compressed yeast dice. That is 12 grams recent cake compressed yeast.
  4. We combine the yeast within the water to assist it activate. It is also simpler to unfold it that means into the dough.
  5. Knead the dough effectively with the kitchen machine dough hook. The dough must be sticky, easy, and elastic.
  6. The dough has to rise as per instruction or else it will not prove ethereal. The dough rises, after which you must fold it. You try this as a result of the yeast must eat by a brand new batch of carbs in your dough. Their consuming creates air pockets and that is why your dough is rising and getting all ethereal and fluffy.
  7. Minimize the parchment paper into the form and measurement of the baguette pan.
  8. Use a silicone spatula to unfold out the dough within the baguette mildew. You will not attain anyplace with out this software, so it is important!
  9. Rating your uncooked baguette with a pointy knife. An ice-cold knife can deal higher with the sticky dough. An alternative choice is a razor blade, however I, personally, discovered it to be a careless choice and far most well-liked the chilly knife.
  10. Preheat and bake with a bowl of water in a ramekin or an ovenproof bowl left within the oven. This may create steam within the oven and lead to a crunchier bread crust.
  11. Take away extra flour out of your bread on the finish.


Diet Details

Paul’s Baguette Recipe

Quantity Per Serving

Energy 737
Energy from Fats 45

% Every day Worth*

Fats 5g8%

Saturated Fats 1g5%

Polyunsaturated Fats 1g

Monounsaturated Fats 2g

Sodium 593mg25%

Potassium 287mg8%

Carbohydrates 149g50%

Fiber 7g28%

Sugar 3g3%

Protein 23g46%

Vitamin C 0.03mg0%

Calcium 33mg3%

Iron 9mg50%

* P.c Every day Values are based mostly on a 2000 calorie eating regimen.

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