The backpacker dish so well-known they named an entire area after it

Banana Pancakes, Thailand

It’s the dish so well-known, they named an entire area after it. In fact, by “they” we imply Western travellers making their manner round South-East Asia, those that seen that in every single place vacationers went in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam, distributors additionally appeared promoting a dish that they had come to know and love: banana pancakes.

Welcome to the Banana Pancake Path. Welcome to the tradition of banana pancakes, the wildly widespread street-food snack that isn’t a pancake in any respect, however slightly a Thai/Malaysian-style roti (nearer to an Indian paratha) crammed with recent banana and topped with condensed milk. To make it, a glutinous dough is stretched gossamer-thin, fried on a hotplate earlier than being stuffed, folded, flipped and served. And all this, normally, for about $1.

Perfection ... a Thai banana pancake.

Perfection … a Thai banana pancake.Credit score: Getty Photographs

Thai-style roti has its origins in India (the phrase merely means “bread” in Sanskrit), although it in all probability arrived by way of Malaysia. Indian migrants introduced with them this mild, fluffy grilled flatbread, which in Malaysia is commonly served as “roti canai”, with a curry of greens, hen and even fish. The Thai Muslim group picked up the ball of dough and ran with it, catering to the tastes of international vacationers by providing candy variations with the likes of bananas, mangoes, jam, peanut butter and even Nutella.

This isn’t a elaborate dish. It’s not the type of factor you’d order at a restaurant in Thailand, however slightly choose up from a street-food stand. Roti with banana is discovered throughout the nation, although is most prevalent within the south. Strive it on the Phuket weekend market. (

It’s not Thai, however in each Sydney and Melbourne, Malaysian eatery Mamak ( is a roti specialist that does an excellent “roti pisang”, with sweetened banana.

The Banana Pancake Path is just not a lot of a factor anymore, its widespread utilization having gone the identical manner because the Lonely Planet guidebooks its adherents historically clutched. Again within the twentieth century there was additionally the “Gringo Path” in South America, and the “Hippie Path” in Europe.

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