How are St George’s, Shakespeare and World Ebook Day all linked?


FOR Spain and England, April 23 is one for the diaries. 

It marks the celebration of St George’s day, the dying of each nations’ most commemorated writers and World Ebook Day all of that are linked in a stunning sequence of occasions. 

Saint George is the patron saint in England, Aragon and Catalunya. 

For each areas, St George is a illustration of the nation, a logo of every of their cultures and their most patriotic day and April 23 is remembered because the day he died a martyr by the hands of the Romans. 

Regardless of sharing the identical patron saint, the legend differs within the particulars. 

Albrecht Dürer, Cc0, Via Wikimedia Commons
St George slaying the dragon. Credit score Wikipedia

In each circumstances St George is credited with the slaying of the dragon nonetheless there’s a discrepancy in the place this occurred. 

For the English the bloody battle occurred on the so-called Dragon Hill in Uffington Berkshire whereas for the Catalonians the dragon was slain in Montblanc, Tarragona.   

In each nations’ nationwide flags, the crimson cross and roses are used to have a good time the event. 

A rose is usually pinned to a lapel in England, the flower is taken into account a nationwide image because of the Battle of the Roses and is subsequently worn on St George’s day as a patriotic gesture. 

In Catalunya nonetheless roses will be seen protecting balconies and being handed to passers-by, For Catalonians a rose is believed to have grown within the spot the place the blood of the slain dragon fell. 

Casa Battlo Sant Jordi
Gaudi’s Casa Battlo was designed with St George as inspiration and is embellished with roses for Sant Jordi

Whereas the dragon’s blood produced a flower in Catalunya, Dragon Hill in England is believed to have a lifeless patch of grass on its flat high because of the slain blood. 

In Catalunya one other frequent sight on St Georges day is e book stalls, typically promoting Catalan based mostly reads. 

The custom of promoting books on the Sant Jordi parades and gala’s stems from 1929 when booksellers took benefit of the gang inflow to advertise native literature.  

As a result of unbelievable improve in gross sales April 23 was then established as e book day in Catalunya.

Santjordi1 1 From Barcelona Ayuntamiento
Ebook stalls and roses in Catalunya on St George’s Day. Credit score Ayuntament Barcelona

It’s credited with offering an enormous enhance within the publicity of Catalanonian literature. 

So nice was the success and affect of Catalonian e book day, in 1995 UNESCO established April 23 as World e book day. 

Coincidentally April 23 can also be the supposed date on which Cervantes and Shakespeare died, each in 1616. 

Shakespeare And Cervantes
Cervantes and Shakespeare


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