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What’s Ginger Chai

Indian Ginger Chai is sort of merely, an fragrant concoction of freshly brewed tea infused with grated ginger root. Laced with milk and optionally sweetened, it makes in your every day dose of comforting goodness that may assist to maintain you heat and energetic. It additionally works nice to assuage sore throats and facilitate the therapeutic of frequent colds. 

Again house in India, tea is a well-liked beverage loved within the mornings in addition to afternoons. Chopping Chai, or half a cup of tea is available in roadside Tapris (meals stalls). Indian Chai is totally different from natural teas, as it’s simmered for an extended time to succeed in perfection and is normally loved with milk.

Adrak Chai (ginger tea), Elaichi Chai (cardamom tea), Masala Chai (superior cousin of Chai tea or Chai latte), and many others. are a few of the well-liked flavors. Oftentimes, spices (ginger, cardamom, black pepper, and many others) and herbs (lemon grass, mint, and many others) are combined collectively too, for e.g. Ginger-Cardamom-lemongrass Chai.

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