SEO Audit: A Task before Starting SEO

SEO Audit: A Task before Starting SEO
SEO Audit: A Task before Starting SEO

SEO Audit is most important task to be performed before staring any SEO work, because through it you can analyze what is the current status, an how to complete audit successfully. SEO audit involves onpage audit for title, description, website speed, css, java script, content, image, targeted keywords and offpage audit for backlink analysis.
Onpage SEO Audit:

Onpage SEO Score:

It can analyze your onpage activities such as title length of web page, description length of web page, image optimized or not with alt tag, CSS structure, targeted keyword oriented content and js usage. As per the optimization of above discussed points you will get score out of hundred, it you get score more than 80 then it good try take score to nearby 100.

Web Page Content Issue:

Few years ago people using excessive targeted keywords into so you will get panelized and not going to rank of web pages. You have to use limited targeted keywords content into meaningful manner. It can be easily understand by users and also better for SEO ranking.

Organic Keywords:

We target many bunch of keywords in website but we don’t know about keyword’s organic behavior. SEO Audit tool will help to generate ideas about organic keyword to use.

Organic Monthly Traffic:

SEO Audit can help you to understand the organic traffic you get or not and also share you important keywords so you can target it more into your SEO Work.

Website health check:

• Check crawled pages so you will get information about all pages of your website is crawled or not, if some are remaining please use sitemap or web master tool to get pages to be crawled.
• Get broken link that will help you to don not lose your visitor.
• Get the information about blocked pages, if any web page is blocked or not.
• Get redirected list of you have redirected any pages.
Website Speed:
It also most important task on onpage SEO audit, because website speed is needed to load web pages immediately. You need to test website speed in all devices because you are targeting audience in many places.

Sitemap XML:

Kindly use xml sitemap to understand web crawler to what are page to index.
SSL Certificate:
SSL certificate needed because you provide security features to your website and It will get help in SEO ranking.
Low Word Count:
Kindly use more words while creating web page content. In current scenario crawler can concentrate on this type of pages.

Offpage SEO Audit:

You can analyze your backlinks, you are posting your website link or content into directory, article submission websites, press release websites, social bookmarking website regular basis, through offpage SEO audit you can how much quality work done because it shows your backlinks into nofollow, dofollow. So you can judge you work how better for getting ranking purpose.

SEO audit much needed task to know the place where your website stands and after that you can optimize every points to get success in SEO marketing advertising for your business services or business products.